Busy Bee Products

Natural handmade products
using honey and beeswax
from hives in the New Forest

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Scented Candles


Beeswax wraps

furniture polish

About us

New Forest Based

We are a 'Cottage Industry' working from our home kitchen and studio.

Bees are so vital to our food chain we do all we can to promote their survival.

By handmaking these products we support other New Forest beekeepers, by buying their honey and beeswax.

Our Products

All our cosmetics meet the highest standards having passed a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) for each product. This is to UK and EU requirements.

None of our cosmetics have been tested on animals

Latest from the Blog

How Busy Bee Products Began

How Busy Bee Products Began

It all started when I decided to keep chicken. We had a fairly large garden and it seemed to be a good idea at the time. So I went to a chicken keeping course at a centre in the New Forest where we live. The guy taking the course obviously had a vested interest and…
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Soap for frequent hand-washing

Soap for frequent hand-washing

A pure natural handmade soap, inherently antibacterial and antimicrobial and includes Honey from Hives in The New Forest. It is made in the cold process method using natural vegetable oils and lye. Has a very generous lather. Colour and fragrance-free, that’s our plain and simple boxed soap. A little goes a long way and it…
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The starting point of candle-making

The starting point of candle-making

I had managed to experiment with a mixture of beeswax and paraffin wax which was a big mistake as petroleum derivatives are not very popular. So, I started all over again with a mixture of beeswax and soya wax. Trial and error over a number of weeks and I finally got the right mix to…
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Starting to keep bees

Keeping bees is not just sticking a hive down the bottom of the garden and helping yourself to honey, it’s more involved than that. Being a member of my local beekeeping association certainly proved invaluable. Not only for initial training but ongoing help and support from other members when needed. At our monthly meetings there…
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Our first Swarm of Bees

The First Swarm of bees. My ‘nuc’ arrived in July. A bit late in the year but the spring had not been too clever so things were running a little late that year. A ‘nuc’ is a queen bee and a collection of worker bees which can be purchased from a specialist queen breeding beekeeper.…
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