Christmas and Masonic Gift boxes

These Christmas and Masonic Gift boxes make ideal presents.

Containing a hand balm, lip balm, and soap, these gift boxes make wonderful and useful gifts to present at Christmas.


Our hand balm is soft, and gentle and has a wonderful aroma. It absorbs beautifully, is non-greasy, and contains no known parabens which make it suitable for sensitive skin. Its formulae allow for just a small quantity to be used – a drop about the size of a fingernail will likely suffice.

Lip Balm

We make our lip balm with all-natural ingredients, using beeswax, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and vitamin E. No nasty chemicals or petroleum-based products here.


The soap is likewise hand-made and produces a fabulous lather. Made with all-natural ingredients, our soap is suitable for all-over body use. We also produce other bars of soap in several other fragrances.

Christmas Boxes

We produce two Christmas gift boxes – one which contains our lavender and honey hand balm, natural lip balm, and a bar of our lavender and honey handmade soap.

For those less keen on lavender, our unscented gift box contains our unscented hand and face balm with honey, natural lip balm, and natural handmade soap. Equally as lovely as our lavender box.

Masonic Ladies gifts

Our third box is our special gift presentation for ladies festivals. The box has been stylishly designed to reflect the formal dress code typically associated with the evening and encapsulates the wonderful occasion it is.

We can discuss with you the options for the box contents depending on your preferences. We can supply a mixture of lavender and unscented hand balm. Depending on the number of boxes you require, we can discuss the soap fragrance(s) you prefer. We make our soaps in six fragrances and an unscented option, so you have a good choice to pick from!

If you need any more info on our Christmas and Masonic Gift boxes please get in touch.

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