Handmade Soaps

Our Handmade Soaps are made with natural honey from new forest bees.

We make all of our products in our home and workshop, producing small batches at a time – a world away from the big corporates!

With a range of six fragrances and an unscented option, you have a great range of choices. Whichever you decide, you will have a soap that lathers well and leaves your skin perfectly clean. Be kind to your hands, and use this handmade natural soap bar.

Naturally anti-bacterial with an excellent lather, our handmade soaps are an excellent addition to the side of your sink. Using a bar of soap also helps to avoid using plastic containers and bottles.

The range of handmade soap we produce is available either as a simple natural soap or in one of 6 fragrances using essential or fragrance oils.

We also produce a dog shampoo bar for your furry friends too!


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