Cotton Bumblebee Print Tea Towel


This delightful Tea towel features 15 Watercolour illustrations of Bumblebees of the British Isles. Made from 100% premium cotton, it will be long-lasting – though with such a  beautiful design, we suspect you may not want to use it, but display it instead.

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Bumblebee Print Tea Towel: This will make a charming and practical addition to any kitchen. It is designed with both functionality and style in mind. Cotton is a natural and highly absorbent material that is perfect for handling a variety of kitchen tasks. Here’s more information about this delightful kitchen accessory:


The standout feature of our cotton Bumblebee Print Tea Towel is its delightful design. It contains 15 watercolour illustrations of the Early bumblebee, Honeybee, Garden bumblebee, Giant yellow bee, Ruderal bee, Queen buff-tailed bee, Ashy mining bee, White-tailed bee, Heath bee, Tree bee, Moss carder bee, Broken-belted bee, Barbuts cuckoo bee, Field cuckoo bee and Red-tailed bee. All hand-drawn by Shaun Stevens

Each illustration includes the Latin name for each bee and the design also includes a decorative border including honeybees, honeycombs, bee hives and sunflowers, everything you would associate with our wonderful native Bumblebees.  It makes a fabulous gift for any bee lover.

Each bee is hand-drawn by Shaun Stevens,  local New Forest artist, detailing several of the wonderful bumblebees found in the UK. Some more common than others. Why not use it as a guide for bumblebee spotting once the weather warms up again?


This Bumblebee Print Tea Towel is crafted from 100% premium cotton, a durable and absorbent fabric that is ideal for wiping down dishes, glassware, and kitchen surfaces. Cotton is known for its excellent moisture-absorbing properties, making it highly effective for drying dishes, hands, and even fresh produce.
It has a hanging loop and measures 770mm x 480mm.


The Cotton Bumblebee Tea Towel is not just a kitchen essential for drying dishes; it is also versatile in its use. You can use it as a stylish placemat, a cover for freshly baked goods, or even as a decorative element in your kitchen. It’s suitable for both everyday use and for special occasions.


Cotton is a strong and resilient fabric, ensuring that your tea towel will withstand the rigors of daily use. You can rely on its durability, and with proper care, it will remain a long-lasting addition to your kitchen.

Easy Maintenance:

Caring for the Cotton Bumblebee Tea Towel is simple. You can machine wash it with like colours, and it is easy to keep clean and maintain its vibrant design.

Gift Idea:

These will make wonderful gifts for friends and family who appreciate a touch of nature & elegance in their kitchen. Why not get one as a housewarming, a birthday, or a Christmas gift?  Alternatively, we have a range of cosmetics which also make excellent gifts.

In conclusion, the Cotton Bumblebee Tea Towel is a delightful and functional addition to any kitchen. Its nature-inspired design, made from 100% cotton, ensures it is not only practical but also adds a touch of charm to your home. With its durability and versatility, it’s an accessory you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again in your daily kitchen activities.

Cotton tea towel with 15 different bees, hung on a line with a green bush behind.


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