Gardener’s Hand Salve


Gardener’s hand salve with Lavender. Perfect for looking after your hard-working hands after a day working in the garden.

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Our new Gardener’s hand Salve has a fresh and inviting lavender fragrance. Perfect for use on your hard-working hands after a day toiling in the garden. Use it to help soften and mositurise your hard-working hands.

Great for hard-working hands:

Our brand new product, Lavender Gardener’s hand salve is perfect for helping those hard-working hands that really need to be given some love and care. Whilst we can’t work miracles, our hand salve can certainly help to moisturise and soften those neglected mitts! The classic lavender fragrance is ideal for this product. If you are looking for a less floral fragrance, you may wish to try our worker’s hand salve, which has a sandalwood fragrance. As with all our products, it is once again hand-made in small batches. This is one of our newest products, which we have launched following several requests from our regular customers. We hope you will all love it!

Our products are all made by hand, and we take massive pride in our work. We only make in small batches, each one with love and care.

New Products:

As a growing company, we are continually reviewing our product range and developing new products to meet the demands of our customers. We have recently launched a range of shaving cream, which we are sure will be popular. Keep an eye out – once it is ready for launch, we’ll get it on the website!

Where to find us:

You can find us at various craft fairs, country shows, and markets across the south of the UK. We also have several stockists in and around the New Forest where you can purchase a variety of our products. If you’d like to meet us in person, then please keep an eye on our website – especially our upcoming markets page which we try to keep up to date. You can often find us at events held by Mynt Image and Duck Pond Markets.


All our cosmetics meet the highest standards having passed a
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for each product. This is to UK and EU requirements.

None of our cosmetics have been tested on animals.


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