Orange and Clove Scented Candle


Recount those festive times any time of the year, without it being too like Christmas. The Orange and Clove Scented Candle fragrance gives the perfect balance of freshness and warmth.

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Our Orange and clove scented candle has become a firm favourite. Initially introduced as part of our Christmas range, it has now joined the ranks of our regular products due to its popularity. Once you smell it, you will understand why.

Recount those festive times any time of the year, without it being too like Christmas. The fresh orange fragrance and mild spice of the cloves give the perfect balance of freshness and warmth. Perfect to accompany you whilst you relax with a good book or your favourite programme on TV. Why not light up a scented candle at the end of a long day at work to help you relax and unwind?

Our blend

After considerable research, we found the perfect blend for our candles, which are made with beeswax and soya. They burn with a balanced flame and have a fragrance that will last throughout the entire burn. Our handmade candles make for a lovely evening. Or afternoon for that matter.

Here’s an idea

Why not light one of our scented candles on the side whilst you have a relaxing bath? Then really top it off by using our lovely handmade soap too!

Our Process

We blend our waxes and fragrance to ensure the fragrance lasts throughout the entire burn, and we estimate the candle will burn for around 18-20 hours. To make sure you get the best life out of your candle, we recommend that you burn them in batches of around 4 hours and trim the wick before you relight it.

Our scented candles are available in a variety of fragrances. You have already discovered our wonderful Orange and clove  scented candle, but there are many more in our range:






Sweet Pea


And our seasonal special, Aromas of Christmas Scented Candle.

Aromas of Christmas 

If you can’t decide which to choose, why not make the most of our scented candle bundle?

Please remember that you should never leave a candle unattended, and ensure you stand your candle on a solid base to reduce the risk of incidents.

Where to find us:

You can find us at various craft fairs, country shows, and markets across the south of the UK. We also have several stockists in and around the New Forest where you can purchase a variety of our products. If you’d like to meet us in person, then please keep an eye on our website – especially our upcoming markets page which we try to keep up to date. You can often find us at events held by Mynt Image and Duck Pond Markets.


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