A pure natural handmade soap, inherently antibacterial and antimicrobial and includes Honey from Hives in The New Forest.

It is made in the cold process method using natural vegetable oils and lye. Has a very generous lather. Colour and fragrance-free, that’s our plain and simple boxed soap. A little goes a long way and it stays a firm bar, not go sloppy or mushy as you use it.

We also use the same recipe and add essential or fragrance oils to create a range of floral odours that you’ll love.

Natural Handmade Soap with Honey (2020)
Freesia Natural Handmade Soap with Honey (2020)

Then finish your hands with a pure natural handmade moisturising hand cream using our Hand and Face Balm with Honey, which is easily absorbed and non-greasy. A little goes a long way which is a great pity for us- but you’ll love it. We also make a Lavender and Honey Hand Balm using allergen-free Lavender fragrance oil. So good you’ll be back for more.

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