Keeping bees is not just sticking a hive down the bottom of the garden and helping yourself to honey, it’s more involved than that.

Being a member of my local beekeeping association certainly proved invaluable. Not only for initial training but ongoing help and support from other members when needed. At our monthly meetings there is always something new to learn. We have guest speakers covering various aspects of hive management and some to show us what to do with honey and beeswax.

Elizabeth Duffin came and demonstrated making beeswax flowers using coloured beeswax. The end result was excellent, when she entered her handiwork at a honey show the judges failed to judge her exhibit as they thought they were real.

Her book ‘Making Beeswax Flowers’ is published by Northern Bee Books.

Making Beeswax Flowers (2020)

Another guest speaker showed us how to make an all-natural lip balm using Sunflower oil, coco butter and beeswax.

Unlike commercially produced lip balm with an endless list of ingredients......

Cosmetics Handmade Pure Natural Lip Balm (2020)

This lip balm is pure and simple and very effective. I thought, I can make that, and so started our cosmetics business.

However. you can't just make and sell a cosmetic product without first having your recipe approved by an analytical chemist - at some expense.

Our handmade lip balm is made using these natural ingredients - with a touch of vitamin E which acts as an anti-oxidant. You can purchase some online at

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