I had managed to experiment with a mixture of beeswax and paraffin wax which was a big mistake as petroleum derivatives are not very popular. So, I started all over again with a mixture of beeswax and soya wax.

Trial and error over a number of weeks and I finally got the right mix to retain the fragrance and, after numerous experiments, also got the correct size of wick for the size of a candle. Getting to the right size wick had taken longer than any other part of the experiment. If a wick is too thin you get a tiny flame, a too thick wick produces a flame that smokes. Wicks also need pre-dipping in hot wax to burn in a clean and steady manner. If you dip for too long you get a thick wick which smokes and dip too little you get a thin wick and the flame struggle sot stay alight.

With all the experimentation we had a wonderful fragrance throughout our home for several weeks!

Busy Bee Scented Candle Honeysuckle (2020)

To start I used a bain-marie to melt the waxes, which is fine if you don’t spill any wax on the hotplate. It’s also very slow. I could only make about 35 candles per day which is not financially viable.

Then, of course, you need a container and labels we’ll come to that later.

But you need to know you have a market for your product before you go mad and spend loads of money only to find it’s all wasted. So, we began selling at craft markets locally and we found that the fragrances we had to offer were, in the main, popular. Since then we have, through trial and error, 10 very popular fragrances.

The next move then is a boiler. This will continually heat up waxes so that you can get a fairly continuous pour. This cost a few bob (well a bit more than that) but by getting really organised I can now make up to 150 per day.

My candles burn for about 20 hours. All candles should be burnt for not longer than 4 hours at a time otherwise the melted wax pool becomes too large, but that should give you a good lasting fragrance in your home.

My candles will give off their fragrance all through the burn as I always add the fragrance oils to the molten wax, and stir it in well, immediately before I pour it all into the containers.

For really fragrant candles see our range of 10 fragrances:

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